Fall Safety, Roof Access Equipment and Fall Arrest Systems
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FAQS – Terminology

Click on the fall protection questions and industry terminology below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why address fall protection?

2. What if I would like to address my site’s fall protection needs but have budget constraints?

3. I have an existing uncertified fall protection system, what do I do?

4. Can you offer non-penetrating solutions?

5. Can I tender my project?

Fall Protection – Common Terms

What is active fall protection?



Ballasted Anchor

Boatswain’s Chair


Compatible Connection

Davit System


Energy Absorber

Energy Absorbing Lanyard

Fall Arrest

Fall Arrest Anchor

Fall Arrester

Fall Arrest System

Fall Protection System

Fall Restraint System

Free-Fall Distance (FFD)

Full Body Harness

Guardrail (Non-Penetrating, Ballasted)

Horizontal Lifeline (HLL)

Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) System

Horizontal Lifeline Energy Absorber



Load Test

Passive Fall Protection System

Positioning System

Primary System

Proof Test

Rigid Rail System


Rope Grab

Secondary System

Self-Retracting Lifeline

Suspended Equipment

Swing Fall

Swing-Fall Distance

Tie-Back Anchor

Total Fall Distance (TFD)

Travel Restraint Anchor

Travel Restraint System


Vertical Lifeline (VLL)

Vertical Lifeline System


Window Washing Anchor