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Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 

Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

WorkSafeBC Bulletins and Posters

Building Owners Rooftop Anchorage

Exterior Building Contractors Rooftop Anchors

Hazard Alert Ice Jacking

Prevention Alert Check Hatch Openings

kN Fall Protection Services British Columbia Fall Protection Information

Prevention Alert Fall Prevention

Hazard Alert Skylights

Accident Alert Falls From Height in Construction

Resources – Fall Protection Information

Visit our Resources Page for more information, including definitions of industry terminology.

Fall Protection – What Equipment Does KN Fall Pro Use?

Here is a list of some of our suppliers and their products: Keeguard (Kee Guard), Keesafety (Kee Safety), Thaler, SALA (DBI SALA), Miller, North, Capital Safety, Columbus McKinnon, Crosby Group, and Tractel. We also provide refurbishment services to your existing fall protection equipment and custom fabrication.

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